Monday, October 5, 2009

Wiles of the Ego

Recently, I got to witness a couple that had been crazy about each other go through a difficult trial. They were both scared, and reacted by saying things that hurt each other. It caused both people much pain and heartache. They both wanted the same be feel secure...but they did not express that. So it leads me to reflect about the power of the ego.

The ego is the moment of "I need to protect myself at all cost." The ego is the foundation of separation and its motive is fear. It is the destroyer of relationships. The ego doesn't remind us of the cost of our action at the moment of weakness, but it effects scream loud and clear. Trials in a relationship require disciplining the ego...resisting the nature to be be in control. This is a false illusion. Rising above the first impulse of the ego can open the door to greater love and intimacy, but it requires stepping out of one's self and walking in love. It requires loving the other person unconditionally when you don't feel like it.

Now to my friends who went through this...your test to repair trust and love will require even more resistance against the ego. However, the rewards will be greater and you will transform a pattern that created a lot of chaos. Good luck to you and all of us that struggle with human emotion at times.

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